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How To Stake ADA Coins To The Node Networks Pool [NODE] — Daedalus Wallet Guide

Step 1: Download and Open your Daedalus Wallet. For the latest wallet download check out https://daedaluswallet.io/en/download/.
  • Note if you are holding ADA assets on the Byron Legacy Wallet, please create and move ADA coins to a Shelley Wallet.
Step 2: Once your Shelley Wallet is open, navigate to the Delegation Tab.
Step 3: In the Delegation Tab, click on Stake Pools.
Step 4: Select the Search Stake Pools bar and search for ticker symbol NODE.
Step 5: Click on NODE tile and select Delegate to this pool.
Step 6: Select Continue.
Step 7: Select your Wallet you want to delegate with and click Continue.
Step 8: Ensure NODE is selected, click Continue.
Step 9: Finally, enter your spending password and confirm your delegation.
Congratulations you have now staked with the Node Networks ADA Pool [NODE]!
Contact the Node Networks Team if you have any further questions!
Node Networks ADA Pool: https://t.me/NodeNetworksADAPool