How are my coins secured?

Scenario 1 (Sending): Time-lock is a Fusion blockchain feature that allows the coin holder to send coins to the Node Networks pool for a specific time period and still retain control. The coin holder will effectively just give Node Networks usage rights to stake on their behalf for that specified time period. With time-locks, the Fusion coins will automatically be returned to the coin holder’s wallet after the time-lock period is complete.

Scenario 2 (Ongoing): For earned rewards, the Node Networks team will automatically time-lock your coins internally for security purposes and stake your rewards to help maximize the compounding effect! Of course, the rewards page will be updated to reflect your balances so you can track your progress!

Scenario 3 (Receiving): When your staking term has ended or you request an individual months payout, the rewards will only be sent the address which the original time-lock was sent from.

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