How do I stake with Node Networks?

Time-Lock FSN Coins to the Node Networks Pool (Guide)

Step 1: Please complete the coin swap from ERC-20 Fusion tokens to the native Fusion coins. Instructions provided by the Fusion Foundation can be found here: Coin Swap

This is very important, you must send native FSN coins.

Step 2: Once the coin swap is complete, navigate to

Step 3: Open your Fusion wallet by the desired method in the Access Existing Wallet window.

Step 4: Once on your wallet page, click Send/Time-lock Assets.

Step 5: On the send asset dialogue window, enter the To Address. *IMPORTANT: The Node Networks Team will send you a To Address in a private message. Contact an admin on Telegram: @tayerr, @JB_SE, @A1txchange

Step 6: Set Select Asset to FSN, enter Amount To Send (Send the agreed upon amount that you plan to stake with Node Networks. Please note that a nominal amount of gas is required to complete the transaction.)

Step 7: Under Time-lock, Select Date to Date.

Step 8: Under From, choose today’s date. Under Until, click the drop down calendar, and pick the date where your time-lock period will end with Node Networks.

Note: If you want to stake for 6 months you must select a 7 month Time-Lock period, stake for 12 months you must select a 13 month staking period.

Step 9: Once all correct information has been entered, click Next.

Step 10: You will be presented with another dialogue Review Your Transaction Details to verify the details before time-locking your asset. If everything is correct, select Send Asset.

Step 11: You will be presented with another dialogue confirming the successful transfer of the asset. You may hit Close.

The process is complete! Contact the Node Networks team if you have any further questions!