How do I withdraw my FSN and are there any fees?

Time-locks (TL) & Expiration

If your TL is not extended after your TL expires, the Fusion blockchain will automatically transfer your TL amount back to your original wallet address. At this stage, you can restake or whatever action you choose. Please note you will need to transfer your TL back to your main part of your wallet in order to transfer the whole FSN amount to another party. There is a button on the right side of the wallet screen to send back to your assets. There is no fee (only a small amount of gas required) involved in taking this action.

If you choose not to restake, your rewards will also be transferred back to your originating wallet in approximately 7 days. For prompt processing, please contact an admin.

Emergency Withdrawals (EW)

If you are faced with an emergency and are forced to withdraw your staked amount early, on a “best efforts basis” the team can enact a series of manual transactions to offset your TL on the Fusion blockchain. Please note the intention of EW is for emergencies only so please be cognizant of the team’s time and effort involved, it is appreciated!

An EW will typically take between 7 – 10 days. The will be impacted by the amount involved and if there are other emergency withdrawal requests. Please note large withdrawals are best broken into several chunks of 25K – 50K FSN.

The fee for an EW is 50 FSN.

Suggestion: If you feel you may have an early requirement for your FSN, we suggest doing a TL for a shorter duration. Larger stakers could potentially stake portions of their total stake with different TL periods.

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