What is the recommended stake duration?

For stakers who own Fusion (FSN) coins from now to infinity, Node Networks recommends a 12 month staking period (13 month time-lock**). Stakers can similarly stake for a 6 month period (7 month time-lock**). This will minimize the requirement for the Staker to monitor their accounts to extend time-locks. The NodeNetworks team will work towards maximizing the compounded returns for all stakers.

For stakers holding limited time-lock coins – as an example, receiving coins for a 3 month period as a reward from Fusion Foundation - you’re welcome to stake for the period of your reward of any length. Please note that if you receive a 3 month time time-lock your staking period will be 2 months**

** Note: In Fusion’s ticketing system, a ticket is valid for 30 days. In order to stake coins, coins must have a minimum of 30 days or more remaining on their time-lock to the pool. Coins with less than 30 days remaining on the time-lock cannot be used by Fusion’s ticketing system.

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